Alpine Berry Switchel and Wild Mountain Sage Bubbly

This is a very simple drink, yet stunning and satisfying. The addition of our Switchel drinking vinegar makes it the perfect beverage to serve at parties for the non-drinkers and you can even sub the soda for champagne if you’d like!


-1 tablespoon DRAM Alpine Berry Switchel

-Sparkling water (or swap the first two ingredients for our Bottled Alpine Berry Switchel)

-1 Sprig Rosemary

– a handful of culinary Sage leaves

– 3-5 shakes DRAM Wild Mountain Sage Bitters

– To make this drink alcoholic, sub the sparkling water for a dry champagne or sparkling Rosé

Add the herbs to the glass and gently muddle, or first clap them between your hands to express the flavor oils. Add the switchel to the bottom of the glass, then top with the soda and bitters. You can add ice if you’d like, or gin, vodka or champagne too! This drink really couldn’t be more user friendly.


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