Bitters and Soda Recipe

Bitters and Soda Recipe

Bitters aren’t just for fancy cocktails! They were originally invented as medicine, as a means to preserve the summer harvest of medicinal plants in pure alcohol. You can take advantage of their health benefits by combining a few shakes with sparkling water and various kinds of fruits and herbs. Your imagination is the limit! This is a wonderful way to break a bad soda habit while still enjoying a bubbly flavorful drink with no added sugar. Bitters and soda will also help to ease an upset stomach caused by overeating, illness, stress or general malaise.


– pure sparkling water- a SodaStream comes in handy here, and helps cut down on bottle waste

– 5 shakes any flavor of Bitters. At DRAM we offer 5 which you can find in the shop section of this website.

– Various fruits such as lemon, orange, strawberries, blueberries, sliced ginger, cucumbers- whatever you like!

– Various herbs such as mint, rosemary, sage, lavender

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