Campari, Gin and Citrus Cocktail Recipe

This is a drink we serve in the winter as it offers a bright punch of flavor and citrus, which adds a little light to dreary days. It’s so simple to put together and we love the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Campari and grapefruit juice are seemingly meant for each other and the addition of our Citrus Medica Bitters round out the profile. Gin can be optional, and you can add an ounce of sparkling water instead if you are seeking a low alcohol sip.


– 1 oz. good Gin, we suggest Hendricks as the floral and citrus profile works well with the Campari

– 1 oz. Campari

– 1 oz. fresh grapefruit juice

– 3 shakes DRAM Citrus Medica Bitters

– tbsp. fresh muddled rosemary


Muddled a tablespoon of fresh rosemary in a cocktail glass. Add ice and all ingredients, give it a few good shakes and pour into a glass.


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