Pear, Switchel and Absinthe Cocktail

Pears always remind me of the holidays. As a child my parents would receive those boxes of delicate Royal Riviera Pears as a gift from acquaintances, packed in gold foil and wrapped with red ribbons. Too bad they weren’t drinkers, because this recipe would have put those pears to good use.

This drink would compliment the first course of a nice holiday dinner with it’s delicate flavors, or it could stand alone as the featured drink for a classy cocktail party. Either way, its simple and festive, yet sophisticated. Ripe pears are a must! Overly ripe will even do as well.

The Pears Of Winter

  • 1.5 oz good gin
  • 1/4 oz absinthe – we like the brand St. George because of it’s high quality and tiny bottle
  • 1/4 oz DRAM Ginger Switchel
  • 2 ripe pear wedges. The kind of pear doesn’t really matter. Here we’ve used Red Bosc
  • DRAM Black Bitters
  • pinch nutmeg


Peel and muddle the pear wedges in a pint glass, add ice and all the remaining ingredients. Shake well to mash up the pear then fine strain the whole concoction over fresh ice. Garnish with sliced pears dusted in nutmeg.

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