DRAM Partners with Coors for their Adaptogenic CBD Sparkling Waters

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DENVER, COLORADO (September 12, 2019): DRAM Apothecary the market leader in CBD-infused beverages announced today the company’s distribution partnership with Coors Distributing Co. In addition to their large online following, DRAM is also currently widely distributed and sold in a total of 24 states, making it one of the leading-selling CBD infused beverages across the country.

“We saw this category as a real blue sky opportunity, DRAM is the market leader in the  CBD infused beverage category and the first beverage company to offer CBD paired with adaptogens.”  said Jennifer DeGraff, Director of Marketing, Coors Distributing Company, “DRAM’s category innovation allows us as a distributor to explore a new customer and entirely new market. We see a big demand for high quality and unique products in the non-alcoholic space and we think DRAM is the perfect solution to fill that consumer demand. We will begin selling the products on September 11 th and we’ll make our first deliveries to retailers on September 13 th . We are excited to see the response from retailers and consumers alike and are ready to fill orders!”

Each DRAM 12oz can contains 25mg of hemp extract (CBD), and functional herbs known as adaptogens. (Adaptogens are a class of herbs known for helping the body adapt to stress).  

DRAM CBD-infused drinks come in 3 flavors- Lemongrass, Gingergrass and Beauty Bubbles.  All drinks are zero calorie, gluten-free, non-GMO, and don’t contain any so called “Natural Flavor” (which often contain synthetic chemical flavoring even when labeled as “natural”). All DRAM flavors are made in-house from whole plants allowing the true flavors and benefits to shine through.

“This is an exciting move in the alcohol industry, as we offer consumers access to a healthy alternative that isn’t sugary soda or juice.” said DRAM Apothecary co-founder Shae Whitney. “Most of the CBD sparkling waters we’ve seen entering the market contain natural flavorings, which the Environmental Working Group have confirmed are far from “natural.” We’re thrilled to partner with Coors who will widen our reach and allow more people to enjoy a delicious, functional and truly natural beverage made from clean ingredients.”

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About DRAM Apothecary:
Founded in the Rocky Mountains of  Colorado in 2011, DRAM Apothecary creates a line of Adaptogenic CBD Sparkling Waters, CBD Drops, Herbal Bitters and Switchels using a unique whole plant process developed over the past 8 years. The husband/wife team Brady Becker and Shae Whitney create their products end-to-end.  They design, manufacture, and fulfill orders all in-house, allowing quality control all the way to the shelf. Additionally, they have won several Good Food Awards and international acclaim for the packaging design all created by the two founders. 

About Coors Distributing Company:
Founded in 1971, Coors Distributing Company (CDC) started as the distributor for the Coors Banquet brand in the Denver Metro area. We began by distributing 16 SKUs via our 14 trucks, with the support of our 50 employees. Since then we have grown to nearly 400 employees and have evolved with the dynamic Denver market, expanding our beer portfolio to over 31 breweries, hundreds of different brands, and thousands of SKUs. And as of today, we are extremely excited to add these amazing CBD beverages into our portfolio. 

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