DRAM Sparklers Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

A blend of sparkling water, DRAM Bitters, fresh herbs and fruits. They’re simple to make and perfect for those occasions when you want a fancy drink that isn’t too sweet or boozy.

Blackberry Brambles

  • 1 can Lime LaCroix or your choice sparkling water
  • Blackberry ice cubes
  • DRAM Wild Mountain Sage Bitters
  • 1 fresh lime wedge
  • Fresh Rosemary

    Start by plopping some fresh blackberries, or any berry you have on hand into ice cube trays. Cover with water and freeze. Once the cubes are ready assemble your drink by adding all the ingredients to a glass, give it a good stir. As the cubes melt the berries will macerate into a lovely summer sip!

    Thyme & Citrus Sparkler

    • 1 can Orange LaCroix or your choice sparkling water
    • Fresh lemons for juice and garnish
    • DRAM Citrus Medica Bitters
    • Fresh herbs- we used Marjoram and Thyme

    Add the sparkling water, lemon juice (just a squeeze) and bitters to a glass over ice. Prep the herbs by gently slapping them between your palms, or muddling gently to release the essential oils. Add herbs to the drink, stir, garnish with fresh lemons and enjoy!

    Now that you’ve got the format down, the sky is the limit for making DRAM Sparklers. You can use any bitters, herbs or fruits you’d like, there really is no wrong combination. You can even blend some of our syrups in there for some added sweetness or add your favorite spirit and pump up the jams!



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