Palo Santo Apple Cider

For me, the seasons of Fall and Winter feel fully enjoyed only when I’ve spent the day enjoying the amazing scent of hot cider filling the house while the snow falls, and of course enjoying a cup once it’s fully brewed.

There are many recipes out there for cider, the one we offer is simple and delicious. The addition of our Palo Santo Bitters add a level of complex woody, vanilla-like flavor that we never experienced until we came up with this recipe!

This recipe serves many and can easily be doubled for parties.


-1 Gallon good quality Apple Cider. Check the label and make sure there are NO preservatives, sweeteners or flavoring added, because that is just a shame.

-2 Oranges

-1 Tablespoon Cloves

-2 Cardamom Pods

-3 Cinnamon Sticks

-1 piece fresh Ginger

-1 Tablespoon Star Anise

– Dash Black Pepper

-2 Tablespoons DRAM Palo Santo Bitters

-1 large tea bag, coffee filter or cheesecloth

Pour the cider into a crock pot or a soup pot (enameled steel or glass is suggested over metal) and set on low heat. As the cider begins to warm slice the oranges in rings and garnish the edge of the rinds with the cloves and toss em in.

Fill a tea bag, coffee filter or cheesecloth with the Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon and black pepper seal it up and plunk into the pot.

Toss in the Star Anise pieces and the bitters and most of the work is done.

Bring the cider to a gentle boil stirring all of the spices around. Reduce to a very low simmer or Warm setting on crock pot and just let it stew all day long!

If the orange pieces start to fall apart they may be removed but it is not necessary. I tend to like a bit of pulp in my cider.

We suggest adding a bit of Rye Whiskey to your cup, you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

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