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1 OUNCE • 1500mg CBD

Our strongest blend of CBD and organic adaptogens in a COCONUT OIL BASE.

This blend contains Flower Essences which are the vibrational magic of a flower, that has been transferred and stabilized in water. They contain no actual plant matter, or flavor.

*MCT Coconut Oil, *Ashwagandha Root, *Rosehips, *Vanilla, Wild Rose and Cherry Plum Flower Essence, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Lemon Salt.

* Organic Ingredients | CBD is GMP certified

– Approximately 3mg CBD/drop
– Drop desired amount under your tongue to let absorb for up to a minute
– Add a few drops to smoothies, coffee, tea or your favorite recipe

We suggest starting out with 5-10 DROPS. Wait 30 minutes. Additional doses may be taken to reach your desired state of mind.


Reviews (241)

241 reviews for Big Mood CBD Drops

  1. Rebekah (verified owner)

    I have loved these drops for years! I use them for myself and for my pup and find they help us both relax. Not in a cloudy headed or sedated way, but in the sense that I feel my nervous system level out and the sharpness of everyday life is more manageable. I’ve recommend them to friends who have the same experience! Definitely give them a try if you’re a high strung or anxious person looking for gentle aid.

  2. Tiffany (verified owner)

    Perfect— I can’t tolerate THC, so appreciate a tincture that’s purely CBD

  3. AO (verified owner)

    I buy it all the time. Great product; helps with all kinds of pain.

  4. Heidi (verified owner)

    Big Mood is one of my favorite products. Now that I’m going through menopause, it helps when my moods seem to take over. A few drops of Big Mood and I feel in control again. My mom has sleeping issues and took half a dropper full, she said she had never slept so well in her life. Thank you for creating an effective product.

  5. Justine R. (verified owner)


  6. Courtney (verified owner)

    What would I do without Dram?!?

  7. Maria S. (verified owner)

    Love! Helps me to relax.

  8. Jill S. (verified owner)

    Big fan!

  9. Alissa (verified owner)

    *Summary at bottom.* These are my favorite CBD drops ever. From Dram, or any other brand. I have a mood disorder, a panic disorder, and I have a child with a life-threatening long term illness. I’ve been dealing with my mood and panic disorders for well over a decade (to only middling success at best). And now with having a child with an extremely severe illness, I am in completely uncharted waters and am having great difficulty simply getting through each day.

    Alongside my usual pharmaceutical medication, and visits to my doctor and therapist, these Big Mood drops have been fantastic in helping me to improve my ability to manage everything and support myself and my family. The improvement I’ve seen in taking them for just 3 weeks is almost shocking. It obviously hasn’t cured all my mood and panic issues, but the reduction in symptoms and improvement in overall mental state is incredibly impressive. I will note that Big Mood seems more effective for me sublingually than mixed in a drink.

    I also take the Cloud drops when I need really fast acting relief, but I’ve found the Big Mood drops to be more supportive of my entire mental state over the long term (just started the Cloud drops a week ago). The concentration of CBD is the same, so I would probably attribute the difference to the herbs and adaptogens in Big Mood. (The Cloud drops are nano CBD only, no herbs or anything else).

    *Summary*: Wonderful product. Highly recommend if you’re struggling with stress and/or mental health related issues. So much more beneficial for those issues than any other drops I’ve tried. Play around with the dose. Start with what they suggest on the package and then increase/decrease to dial in what works for you. This can be different on different days! Will definitely be putting this on subscription.

  10. JT (verified owner)

    Love this stuff!

  11. Carrie B. (verified owner)

    This is a great product. I have repurchased several times. I prefer this to any other company I have tried.

  12. Jennifer M. (verified owner)

    Takes about 1 hour but wow! What a positive difference I experience in mood and overall well being.

  13. Elizabeth Cirovic (verified owner)

    I use this throughout the day, everyday but also, great for PMS.

  14. Jessica Schiller (verified owner)

    Dram is always beyond impressive and amazing, from ordering to packaging to product!!! 15 stars!

  15. Moria (verified owner)

    This is a long time staple in my self-care routine. The product and customer service are excellent.

  16. CL (verified owner)

    Love this stuff. I has been a soft place for me to land when I transitioned from traditional pharmaceuticals.

  17. Danielle S. (verified owner)

    My partner & I are so grateful for these on really stressful or anxious days they make a huge difference!

  18. Allison V. (verified owner)

    I sleep so well and wake up refreshed

  19. Johnna (verified owner)

    Always a fantastic product!

  20. M.I. (verified owner)

    These drops are great. Highly recommend.

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