Big Sleep CBD Drops with CBN

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1 OUNCE bottle • 1200mg CBD 300mg CBN

A super strong blend of CBD and CBN in a COCONUT OIL BASE, combined with adaptogenic herbs to catch those elusive Zzzs!   (This is one single product, not 2!)

Take 30 minutes before sleep to quiet the mind, and prepare the body for repose. Best if taken directly in the mouth.

CBN (Cannabinol) is another Cannabinoid produced by the Hemp plant.

This blend contains Plant Spirit Essences which have no taste or smell, just the spirit essence of the plant extracted in pure water using only sunlight.

Snapdragon Flower Spirit Essence: helps soothe mouth and jaw tension (TMJ, TMD)

White Chestnut Spirit Essence:  helps the mind find peace from running thoughts, replaying negative conversations or situations, agitated mental condition.

* Sleep is elusive for many of us, as it requires a true commitment to rest, but we live in a society that demands overwork and burnout.  At DRAM we are committed to making effective products, but herbal medicine can only do so much! Please take the time to invest in your rest! This could mean not using caffeine, stimulants, sugar or alcohol late in the evening. Big Sleep will work best when used in tandem with a regular sleep schedule, and avoidance of blue light an hour before bedtime. Watching the sunset or dimming your house lights is also a great way to let your body know you will be preparing to sleep. If you use these tips in tandem with Big Sleep we are sure you will find the elusive Zzzzs!

*MCT Coconut Oil, *Kava Kava Root, *Passionflower, *Skullcap, *Oatstraw, *Blue Vervain, *California Poppy, *Holy Basil, Snapdragon Spirit Essence, White Chestnut Spirit Essence, Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD and CBN.

This product has a very mild herbal flavor with a hint of Basil

* Organic Ingredients | CBD is GMP certified

– Approximately 1.7mg CBD/drop, 84 mcg CBN/drop
– Drop desired amount under your tongue to let absorb for up to a minute
– Add a few drops to smoothies, coffee, tea or your favorite recipe

We suggest starting out with 5-10 DROPS. Wait 30 minutes and see how you feel. Additional doses may be taken to reach your desired state of mind.


Reviews (87)

87 reviews for Big Sleep CBD Drops with CBN

  1. tammi m. (verified owner)

    I must have my Big Sleep every night! Helps me fall asleep fast and I’m able to get back to sleep quicker if I wake in the middle of the night. I’m perimenopausal and hormone fluctuations + anxiety made sleep very frustrating. I’ve been using this product ever since they first started selling it and I won’t ever be without it. Thanks Dram! <3

  2. Miriam H. (verified owner)

    Really works

  3. Susan (verified owner)

    Great product, great service. Can’t ask for more.

  4. Pam (verified owner)

    Both my husband and I have been using the Big Sleep CBD drops for over a year. What a great product. We go to sleep quickly and sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. Couldn’t ask for anything better than that!

  5. Jon (verified owner)

    Fast delivery of product. Good sleep aid

  6. Rebecca B. (verified owner)

    Works well. I use it and so do my kids. I don’t like them taking melatonin for sleep and this helps them, and me, calm down for bed to fall asleep easily. Plus it’s helped with my mood during the day and my daughters mood has been less dramatic since starting these night drops.

  7. Gretchen (verified owner)

    I think these are helping me relax and sleep better.

  8. Justine R. (verified owner)


  9. Janis (verified owner)

    The Big Sleep Drops work! I talked to my doc and was told that these drops are full of really good ingredients and I should stick with these (we were comparing with another product). And, you wake up feeling good! I ordered 3 bottles on sale that will get me through the end of the year. I ordered online one morning and received the drops the very next day in the mail. Thank you for your amazing product and extremely fast service!

  10. A.B. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product. Shipped so quickly and it really helps me sleep, but it’s not addictive and I haven’t had to bump up my dosage past the regular amount after doing some test nights.

  11. Jon (verified owner)

    Working great so far. Love the flavor. Packaging/branding is 👌

  12. Maria S. (verified owner)

    Love this too. Restful sleep.

  13. S.S. (verified owner)

    I find this product very helpful for jangled nerves, as well as being helpful for falling asleep.

  14. S.N. (verified owner)

    After my brothers passing I struggled with sleep and it was killing my sanity. Nothing was helping me sleep without making me groggy. I had tried dram drinks before so figured it was worth trying the sleep tincture. I attribute Big Sleep to saving my mental health during this time and am so thankful! I mix in two drops with my hot tea before bed and it kicks in within 30-45 mins and I sleep fully thru the night! Worth the money!

  15. Daniel Murphy (verified owner)

    Love this stuff!!

  16. Mary (verified owner)

    I feel a huge difference with only a few weeks of use. I fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and wake up feeling rested. No groggy-ness

  17. Jill S. (verified owner)

    Delighted with this

  18. Diane (verified owner)

    These drops really help me get better quality sleep without waking up groggy in the morning.

  19. Alissa (verified owner)

    *Summary at bottom.* I bought this for my husband who suffers from severe night goblins. He either has great difficulty falling asleep and/or wakes up countless times during the night (or doesn’t sleep at all). He wakes up exhausted even when he has slept. Dram’s Big Sleep drops have improved his sleep quality immensely in just 2 weeks of use. He is able to fall asleep easier, and stay asleep. The concentration and ratio of CBD and CBN that Dram uses in this blend, alongside the herbs they use that work together with the CBD & CBN to augment your ability to relax, and your sleep schedule, is phenomenal.

    But your sleep schedule/routine is crucial. Which Dram mentions in their description of this product. If you’re still flooding your brain with blue light for hours right up until you try to go to sleep, or are consuming a lot of caffeine, alcohol, or any other substance that is known to disrupt sleep, and you take these drops right before trying to sleep, they’re not going to be as effective if you don’t have a real sleep schedule/routine in place.

    Play with what dose works for you. Start off with what they recommend on the package, and then tweak to accommodate your needs. If my husband has had an especially stressful day, he needs more drops to combat that. And on the rare occasion when he still wakes up in the middle of the night, he takes a couple more drops then. Our bodies are obviously different from each other, but even your own individual body has different needs on different days. This also applies to your sleep schedule! Sometimes you might need only 30min-1hour to prepare for sleep. Some days that might look like starting to wind down for the night as soon as the sun goes down.

    *Summary*: Great, effective product (more effective the more you listen to your own body). Will definitely be putting this on subscription.

  20. Samantha A. (verified owner)

    Love Big Sleep, use it nightly and sleep like a fairy!

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