Black Bitters

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DRAM Black is a shadowy and lavish blend of all herbs Black. These are the bitters you want to use to dress up classics like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. The flavor is complex, yet blends well with any recipe- sweet or savory.

Deeply layered with bright notes of black cardamom, black tea, sweet black currants and a black pepper finish.

Wonderful paired with gin, vodka, bourbon and whiskey, baked goods, spicy asian dishes, smoothies, citrus based drinks like Margaritas or lemonade, coconut milk based recipes or mix with unflavored sparkling water!

Non GMO Glycerin, Water, *Cardamom, *Black Currants, *Hawthorn Berry, *Fair Trade Black Tea, Herbs and Spices, Lemon Salt.

* organic ingredients


4 oz. reusable glass bottle with built in drop reducer. All current ingredient lists are in line with FDA guidelines.

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Reviews (61)

61 reviews for Black Bitters

  1. Laura T. (verified owner)

    The best of the bitters!

  2. Lejla (verified owner)

    I have been a customer from the start, exceptional consistent quality.

  3. Ruth Aranda (verified owner)

    Again a little to sweet but good flavor

  4. Sophie (verified owner)

    So warm and delicious! Exactly as I hoped 🙂

  5. Morgan M. (verified owner)


  6. Aaron (verified owner)

    I got these bitters for my brother as a thank you for his hard work in a difficult matter. He makes inventive marvelous drinks and mock tails. I believe this is a great small business making awesome craft products!

  7. Angela (verified owner)

    So good! Really good in coffee!

  8. Britt H. (verified owner)

    Great flavors!! If you’re looking for something unique this is it. Great housewarming idea – packaged w the Pine Syrup, Bourbon and cherries.

  9. Tim (verified owner)

    Wonderful in a winter martini

  10. Meaghan B. (verified owner)

    The product is great! I use the bitters in my morning glass of water to get me up and moving. Whether I can tell that the healing properties are actually working… I don’t know, ha! But I do like the taste and the way I feel after using them.
    In other news, there is not a dropper that comes with the bottle, but there is one built into it. This dropper is akin to the dropper you might find on an essential oil bottle. Personally, I do not care for this kind of dropper. Some-when down the line I angered the essential bottle dropper gods and am forever doomed to have slow dripping essential bottle oil droppers. Seeing as I do not like to wait, I simply removed the dropper and poured (with a small funnel) the bitters into my smaller sample size bottle that I had previously (from the amazing sampler set!) which has an eye dropper.

  11. Kimberly N. (verified owner)

    Pleasant flavor to put some spice in filtered flat or sparkling water—which is my tactic for reducing my consumption of things that come in plastic or other single use packaging.

    I love the DRAM seltzers, but resist ordering them as my house soft drink because it is pretty silly to buy water shipped across country in single use packaging, ordering the bitters and adding to filtered water and other things is a good green solution.

    I had hoped to get the sampler, and am still hoping to get the lemon balm lavender (which is in my opinion the most refreshing and cravable of the drams).

  12. Ruby V. (verified owner)

    Love, esp for my hubs who is a Old Fashioned connoisseur

  13. Kimberly (verified owner)

    Very flexible flavor makes me very pleased with this product.

  14. KS (verified owner)

    Great flavor for drinks.

  15. Adam G. (verified owner)

    Delicious favors to spike a soda water with.

  16. Laurie Bramlage (verified owner)

    BEST BITTERS EVAR! I love adding this to an Old Fashioned, or soda water with a half of lemon squeezed into it. A staple in our house!

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Favorite dram flavor. spicy on the tongue and great in carbonated water. I like the premix, but it’s fun to adjust the flavor profile too.

  18. DAVID B. (verified owner)


  19. Camille (verified owner)

    Love this flavor in mineral water

  20. Adrienne (verified owner)

    These are lovely and add a wonderful black tea and floral note to drinks. I just wish they were a bit stronger tasting, you have to use a lot to even notice the addition.

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