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Citrus & Blossoms Sparkling Water (12 Pack)

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Crafted with organic citrus peels and delicate orange blossoms- this delicious sparkling water evokes a warm sunny day spent in a flowering orange grove.

Crafted in the Rocky Mountains using our using our 100%  natural herbal bitters. NO calories, NO sugar, preservatives, artificial colors or so called “natural flavoring.”

Light and bubbly with a hint of herbal goodness, these are perfect enjoyed cold out of the can or used as a mixer for cocktails. May also be employed to settle an upset stomach or enjoyed after a meal to stimulate digestion. 

Purified Carbonated Water, DRAM Citrus Bitters (Non GMO Glycerin, *Rind of Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime, *Orange Blossom, *Hibiscus), Lemon Salt.

*organic ingredients


49 reviews for Citrus & Blossoms Sparkling Water (12 Pack)

  1. REBECCA D. (verified owner)

    The light and refreshing flavor is delicious, and the relaxation properties are notable. Less muscle tension and easier to sleep when I enjoy an hour or so before bed especially.

  2. Robin (verified owner)

    DELICIOUS! Once you order this you can never go back to “natural” flavored sparklings.

  3. pc (verified owner)

    A light, refreshing and scrumptious beverage.

  4. Niklas Johnson (verified owner)


  5. Amy (verified owner)

    This is the best flavored sparkling water I’ve ever had. It’s got a lovely light, natural citrusy/floral flavor. It’s hard to limit myself to one can at a time.

  6. Zara (verified owner)

    Delightful citrus flavor!

  7. Kristin E. (verified owner)

    Amazing product and amazing service!

  8. Kristen S. (verified owner)

    So flavorful! It doesn’t have the fake acidity that other big name sparkling citrus waters do. Highly recommend.

  9. Austin (verified owner)

    If only these lasted more than three sips.

  10. Lauren B. (verified owner)

    Everything DRAM makes is delicious and high quality. Shipping is also fast. Thank you!

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