Gingergrass Adaptogenic CBD Drops

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2 OUNCE • 300mg CBD

A bright and cheerful blend of adaptogenic herbs, stimulating Ginger and Colorado grown CBD that may:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote immunity support
  • Increase resilience to stress
  • Aid nausea caused by travel or hangovers

Plants and herbs defined as Adaptogens may assist the body in adapting to the various stressors of human life, while promoting long term resilience of body, mind and spirit. Adaptogens work best when taken daily over an extended period of time.

Non GMO Glycerin, *Ginger root, *Amla berry, *Rhodiola Root, *Canadian Chaga Mushroom, *Broad Spectrum PCR Hemp Extract | *organic ingredients | CBD is GMP certified

Mix 1 dropperful with cocktails/mocktails, sparkling water, smoothies, tea, juice or food. Add another dropperful if desired, with a dropperful being defined as the total amount of liquid siphoned into the glass dropper.

2oz bottle = 5MG CBD per dropperful

We suggest starting out with 2-3 dropperfuls. Wait 30 minutes and see how you feel. Additional doses may be taken to reach your desired state of mind.


Reviews (91)

91 reviews for Gingergrass Adaptogenic CBD Drops

  1. Lindsay H. (verified owner)

    This oil has been amazing for my stomach issues. It has calmed it down, from the minute I started using it and taste amazing. I have used other really great cbd oils but this one for some reason has been the one to help with my IBS. I have been taking it for almost a month and am so happy with it I am subscribing to it. I feel less stressed, everything about me is much calmer and I’m just happier BC my stomach is normal. So grateful!

  2. Laila K. (verified owner)

    I really love the flavor of these drops! Anyway, I have been taking them every day for the past 2 months & have already seen progress in managing my anxiety & stress.

  3. Heidie F. (verified owner)

    I use these tasty drops daily. The quality & effectiveness of these drops are some of the best I have tried.

  4. Jen L. (verified owner)

    I love making mocktails with these, and always add it to sparking water in the morning with some ACV as well.

  5. Karen A. (verified owner)

    I have to say, I’m blown away by the quality of this oil and the care that went into selecting the ingredients in this CBD oil. I tried the sample size of Gingergrass and mixed it into sparkling water or put a few drops directly under my tongue. I definitely felt myself relaxing and falling asleep easily when starting to use this and fell in love with the taste as well. I’ve also used this before job interviews, flights or any type of situation that may increase my levels of stress. It’s an excellent product to have around and I’m very happy to have discovered Dram at a cute store in Buena Vista, CO.

  6. Kelli M. (verified owner)

    I will admit, I bought DRAM because their design and branding is absolutely stunning. I suffer from social anxiety and panic disorder, and have used CBD for the past few years. The ginger grass flavor is so yummy and taken sublingually, I feel the mind relaxing within 10-15 minutes or so. Love it!

  7. Marcella J. (verified owner)

    So far so good. By any chance do you sell gummies. Will definitely reoder.

  8. Holley H. (verified owner)

    Tastes excellent, and I definitely notice a difference in my anxiety levels. I will be purchasing again!

  9. Kari V. (verified owner)


  10. Brian B. (verified owner)

    I use these on a daily basis. They work so well for me that I have a reoccurring order set up. Thank you for making me feel more like myself!

  11. Tina P. (verified owner)

    I tried it, it works. I really appreciate that your products are so natural. Also great that the drops come in sizes small enough to pass TSA for traveling. Thanks again!

  12. Jollyne J. (verified owner)

    So amazing! I had never tried CBD before and these drops are a nice way to ease into CBD usage for anxiety.

  13. Renee L. (verified owner)

    I could write an entire novel on this incredible product. Long story short I have a special needs daughter that uses CBD for GI and Sensory challenges. Her neurologist recommended Charlotte’s Web CBD, but knowing and using Dram’s other products and their high standards I chose to use Dram Dose. Since December there was one time we had to supplement with Charlotte’s web while we waited for our Dram order to arrive. It was a challenging two days waiting for Dram, significant difference in quality and strength. Our family doesn’t use anything but Dram CBD products, headaches, anxiety, blues, sensory overload, digestion and GI issues, allllll remedied by CBD and some added adaptogen love! Thanks Shae and Brady for making such a reliable and trustworthy CBD product line.

  14. Chays L. (verified owner)

    The packaging is elegant, the flavor is great, & the effectiveness is perfect.

    This is easily my favorite & only repurchase of CBD from the same brand ever!

    Most mornings I add it to my juice, or I’ll take a dropper-full straight on my tongue.

  15. Catherine M. (verified owner)

    This is one of the best products I have ever used, the quality is extremely high, packaging and delivery system easy, even the marketing is tasteful and serene…..well done Dram!

  16. Eliza A. (verified owner)

    I like the subtle taste of this flavor and look forward to using it more in the future!

  17. Andrea F. (verified owner)

    This is my new favorite product! I love the way it chills out my digestive system and calms my whole being.

  18. Camie W. (verified owner)

    Love the flavor!

  19. Lisa G. (verified owner)

    Has really helped me get a good nights sleep

  20. Kaitlyn R. (verified owner)

    Have been using the sweetgrass flavor and love the ginger grass just as much!

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