Holy Basil & Lemon Adaptogenic Sparkling Water

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Adaptogenic sparkling water crafted with organic Holy Basil aka Tulsi, which has a complex flavor profile of Clove, Mint and a touch of Basil sweetness. We’ve added a dash of Lemon Peel for brightness, and Passionflower to calm the nerves.

This is a drink that was created to soothe an overburdened nervous system, and support an exhausted spirit.

Plant Magic: Adaptogenic, calmness of spirit, heart health, nervous system regulation

*Contains no CBD

Crafted in the Rocky Mountains using our 100% organic and truly natural plant extracts that we make ourselves in our Salida workshop. NO preservatives, artificial color or so called “natural flavorings.”

Light and bubbly with a hint of herbal goodness, these are perfect enjoyed cold out of the can or used as a mixer for cocktails/mocktails. May also be employed to settle an upset stomach, enjoyed after a meal to stimulate digestion, or sipped an hour before bed to help quiet the mind.

Purified carbonated water, Non-GMO glycerin, Tulsi (holy basil)*, Lemon peel*, Passionflower*, Lemon Flower Spirit Essence*, Lemon salt

We use BPA-NI Cans, and PFAS free source water.

231 reviews for Holy Basil & Lemon Adaptogenic Sparkling Water

  1. Ariel (verified owner)

    Herbaceous and lemonly.

  2. Elaine S. (verified owner)

    Great new flavor. Refreshing and delicious.

  3. Brie C. (verified owner)

    Love this drink!

  4. irs (verified owner)

    Interesting favor

  5. Wendi (verified owner)

    Refreshing, interesting flavor. I like trying new things this, was nice to try, just not a regular flavor I would drink. I love the Cardamon and Black tea…..very pleasing flavor for me.

  6. Carrie (verified owner)

    IN LOVE! This may be my favorite Dram sparkling water yet. It’s bright + refreshing, herbal, lemony and leaves my nervous system feeling soothed and relaxed.

  7. Natalie (verified owner)

    So delicious! This might be my new favorite!

  8. Troy Kimball (verified owner)

    Very Good

  9. Naomi M. (verified owner)

    Love this new flavor so much!

  10. Shandeen (verified owner)

    I’m really enjoying this new flavor! I have chronic migraines, and so-called “natural flavors” are a major trigger for me. Dram’s plant-infused products have given me the ability to enjoy fun beverages again (and I think they taste way better than the mainstream brands)!

  11. Shirley (verified owner)

    Love the flavor!

  12. RG (verified owner)

    This may be my new favorite!

  13. Edward (verified owner)

    Another winner!

  14. RG (verified owner)

    Great flavor, very refreshing!

  15. Angeline U. (verified owner)

    Refreshing flavor

  16. Caitlin (verified owner)

    the flavor was even better than expected! Love me some tulsi

  17. Marshall Thompson (verified owner)

    Very unique flavor. Just the right amount of flavor as any more would be overpowering. Will re-order both this and Mushroom Cola for our office.

  18. Sarah L. (verified owner)

    Calming and delicious!

  19. Laura Turk (verified owner)

    New flavors are so good! Would love this flavor as bitters so I can DIY w/ my own carbonated water!

  20. Rachael P. (verified owner)

    So refreshing! Really enjoy this.

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